Recently Lose Health Coverage?

If you lost coverage because of a job, retirement, or aging off a parent’s plan, IHS will recommend the best insurance option. We will even help you evaluate a COBRA plan and compare it to other plans.

Who is Eligible

There are many scenarios for losing coverage: turning 26 years old and coming off a parent’s plan, changing jobs and no health insurance at the new employer, or retiring and not yet 65 years old.

Enrollment Timeframe

If you lost coverage, you have limited time to enroll. Generally, you have 60 days from the event of lost coverage. Otherwise, you waive your rights until the next annual open enrollment period.

How IHS Helps

Evaluating coverage options is overwhelming and confusing. IHS handles the entire evaluation and shopping process so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake.

IHS can help you evaluate and compare a COBRA plan to other available plans. Many times, taking COBRA is a better option than an individual plan. Be sure to consult IHS if you are taking COBRA and age 65 because COBRA is not credible coverage under Medicare. IHS always recommends the most appropriate option regardless if it means recommending a plan not offered by IHS.

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