Individual Health Solutions: Your Insurance Expert

Individual Health Solutions (IHS) is a Southeastern Wisconsin-area company dedicated to helping you find the best insurance plans. IHS leads you through the entire insurance process, taking the time to understand your personal health situation, requirements and answer your questions. Our goal is to make the process simple and find the right coverage.

Founder and owner of IHS, Ken Marsh, has more than 20 years’ industry experience helping customers in Southeastern Wisconsin.

About Ken Marsh

Ken Marsh was born and raised in Southern California. He majored in psychology at Cal State Fullerton. In 2000, Ken and his wife Michele traveled to Green Bay for a Packers game and liked Wisconsin so much that the next year they decided to become full-time residents!

Ken believes in leading clients through the entire insurance process, and he takes time to understand their health situation and needs. His goal is to make the process simple and find the right insurance coverage.

Unlike other agents who may be driven only by commissions, Ken really cares about his clients and strives to find the best solutions for them. He listens to his clients and gets to know them and their families personally so he can ensure that the best insurance choices are made. Ken is committed to keeping current on changes in the insurance marketplace, health care reform and federal updates to help ensure that  he continues to meet his clients’ needs.Ken is passionate about many causes but at the top of his list is education. He believes everyone deserves a good education.  Ken is on the Board of Directors for a private charter  school for kids who are on the bubble of becoming lost in the system.  In addition, he is active in many professional organizations like AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) and NAHU (National Association of Insurance Underwriters).

Ken and Michele, his wife of nearly 30 years, reside in Sussex. When Ken isn’t working, he is happiest spending time with family. He keeps busy cooking, playing the piano and working on native landscape design. He is an avid reader and enjoys publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and Food and Wine.

When challenged about why he does what he does, Ken states that helping people is simply his nature. He says: “I enjoy helping people tackle complex problems and the insurance planning process is very complex. That’s why I find this work so rewarding.”

So if you have health insurance questions, maybe it’s time to have Ken Marsh help you.

Types of Insurance IHS Offers

Our Mission

Individual Health Solutions (IHS) is committed to guiding you through the entire evaluation process and helping you choose the best policy to protect your health and assets. We are founded on the values of honesty, respect and exceptional service.

Why work with IHS?

Buying Insurance Should be Simple

We know that insurance is complicated and confusing. If you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, have questions, or don’t understand how to evaluate plans, IHS can help. We make the process simple.
There is no cost/fee for working with IHS.

We Know the Insurance Industry

IHS guides you to make the best insurance choice, with relationships with each of the carriers offered. We understand the insurance industry and offer classes on healthcare reform and Medicare. IHS is your insurance expert – aware of changes to insurance market dynamics, health care reform and federal updates.

Enrollment is Easy

IHS makes the enrollment process simple.
We can work with you over the phone, in person, or online.


1. Collect Information

IHS collects your information either by phone, in-person meeting or online form.

2. Review Plan Options

IHS will schedule a phone call or meeting to review your options and finalize the plan choice.

3. Enrollment

IHS handles the entire enrollment process and submits the documents to get you enrolled.


1. Collect Information

IHS collects your information during a scheduled meeting.

2. Enroll in Medicare

You enroll in Medicare.

3. Prepare Secondary Options

IHS prepares your Medicare secondary plan options.

4. Finalize Plans

IHS meets with you to review/finalize plan selections.