Insurance to Protect all Aspects of Your Life

Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental insurance covers routine cleanings and major services (crowns, root canals, etc.).

  • It’s important to maintain dental coverage, as there can be a 1 year waiting period if you go without coverage.
  • Cost is minimal, generally $35-50 per month for dental (per individual).
  • IHS offers plans through Delta Dental.
    (Learn more about Delta Dental)

Vision insurance covers an annual vision exam and lenses/frames every two years.

  • Cost is minimal, generally $10-15 per month for vision (per individual).
  • IHS offers plans through VSP Individual Vision Plans
    (Enroll with VSP)

Disability Insurance

  • Disability insurance replaces lost income when you are unable to work due to injury or illness.
  • More people have life insurance; however, disability is 3.5 times more likely than death.
  • If you don’t have coverage through an employer, you should review plan options with IHS.
  • Costs can be inexpensive when purchasing a policy early in life.

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance is an important part of your financial plan and protects your family and estate.
  • The policy helps to cover expenses such as funeral costs, child expenses, lost income, debts and estate taxes.
  • IHS will analyze your needs, including income and debt to help you choose the best plan. The most common plans are whole life and term.
  • Costs can be inexpensive when purchasing a policy early in life.

Travel Insurance

  • When traveling outside the United States, it’s wise to purchase travel insurance.
  • The policy covers expenses such as: trip cancellation or interruption, travel delays, injury or illness, medical bills and adventure sports.
  • Plans are available for individuals, families, study abroad students and senior citizens.
  • Costs are inexpensive and determined by length of stay, country and amount of coverage.
  • Contact IHS 30 days prior to leaving on a trip.
  • IHS offers plans through several providers.

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